Community organization releases final draft of a plan to revitalize Orange Mound

Memphis, TENN — Preserving the culture of a historic Memphis neighborhood while pushing for more homeownership is the goal of an Orange Mound community organization.

Leaders recently released a final draft of a plan to revitalize Orange Mound, however, people are needed for a survey to collect very important housing data.

It’s a community-driven plan to keep homeownership for the people who live here. The organizers tell me it will only work if the Orange Mound community buys in.

People from Juice Orange Mound, a grassroots organization, say their team with the help of others has developed a master plan. It touches on several topics to return Orange Mound to a premier neighborhood for homeownership.

”Those topic areas are housing, education, health and wellness, crime and safety, economic development, and cultural preservation,” Britney Thornton said.

It’s called The Mound Up! Neighborhood Revitalization Plan for Historic Orange Mound. Britney Thornton from Juice Orange Mound says Mound Up relies on community involvement and support to make the change happen.

”We started this process over a year ago we have done multiple engagements within the community. We’ve done listening groups with all of the identified community leaders,” Thornton said.

Thornton says this input can come from residents, community organizations, and businesses, and homeowners.

”We have resident developers who have visions for Orange Mound and we are going to continue to work with them. And thanks to Rhodes College we are able to put this plan in a nice presentable format.

We are excited as residents to have vision and ownership of this land,” Thornton said.

Thornton says to revitalize Orange Mound there must be long-lasting partnerships to create a healthy and prosperous community while guarding against out-of-town developers.

”This semester with the help of Rhodes College we are going to concentrate on implementation. Putting the right people in place to execute the plan officially,” Thornton said.