MLGW customers see increase in bills as winter approaches

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As natural gas gets more affordable, how much will Memphis customers pay to heat their homes this winter?

The market price for natural gas has dropped 40% from predictions made in the late summer, according to multiple reports. In Memphis, customers will pay slightly less than earlier predictions, according to Memphis Light, Gas and Water.

As of Nov. 7, customers can expect to pay up to 10% more for heating this winter when compared to last winter. About a month ago, the utility company had expected customers would pay between 5-10% more.

“My bill is extremely high,” said Felicia Williams, an MLGW customer outside the location on Lamar.

She told FOX13 that she had to take on extra shifts at work to pay off nearly $800 in bills. According to MLGW, Williams has an average monthly bill of $219.80, but is still working to pay off bills from earlier in the year.

“It’s really ridiculous because we don’t have the money to pay that,” she said.

She’s not alone.

“I can’t afford it, but I’m going to have to make sure I try to take care of it,” said Alfred Moore, a lifelong MLGW customer. “I’m in the boat just like everybody else.”

With natural gas prices falling, economist John Gnuschke expects Memphis customers might see smaller bills in the near future.

“The relief may be in sight, but it’s going to be a while before it actually happens,” Gnuschke said. “I think MLGW has a game plan.”

In the meantime, he acknowledged the widespread financial stress in the Mid-South.

“Something needs to be done to help the consumer,” Gnuschke said.