Grandmother speaks out after 7-year-old killed on 4th of July

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The grandmother of a 7-year-old shot and killed on the 4th of July is asking for help finding the boy’s killer.

Memphis Police believe they know the people responsible for shooting and killing Kelby Shorty Sunday, but the search for them continues.

Angela Stewart is Shorty’s grandmother. She and her family said they wouldn’t be satisfied until the people responsible for killing Kelby Shorty are behind bars.

Thursday, police said they were looking for Jordan Pittman and two other people they have not yet been able to identify.

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“We didn’t even do our Fourth of July here. We had just made it back at about 9:45. The kids had a few more fireworks they wanted to pop off,” Stewart said.

Stewart shared the moments leading up to her 7-year-old grandson getting gunned down on the 4th of July.

“When I got up to come out. Oh, Lord. I feel like I walked right out of my house into the worst nightmare,” said Stewart.

Stewart said a man they know from the neighborhood got into a fight at a nearby gas station then came to her house. Police said that is who Jordan Pittman and two other people they have not been able to identify were after when Kelby Shorty and two other people were shot.

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“My thing is you knew you were into it with someone. Why would you come amongst these kids?” said Stewart.

Stewart is now calling on the community to rally together to get these men off the streets.

“Could y’all please turn him in? That was a 7-year-old kid. He didn’t bother nobody, minding his own business and whatever business they had going on. They could have saved it for another day,” said Stewart.

FOX13 obtained video of the people accused of playing a part in killing Shorty. Police say the shooting stemmed from a fight at a gas station around the corner from the house.

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FOX13 got surveillance video from the gas station. In it, you see a man get out of a grey Mazda. He’s wearing a red hat, grey hoodie, and jeans. He shakes hands with people as he walks in.

Later, you see another man in a white shirt and grey shorts flash a gun at friends.

And finally, moments before the shooting, the grey Mazda speeds out of the gas station and makes a left toward Montgomery.

Once again, none of these people have been arrested. If you know who and where they may be, you are asked to call crime stoppers at 901-528-CASH.