County Commission delays ‘no confidence’ vote during county clerk’s backlog of new license plates

The Shelby County Commission is holding off on a “no confidence” vote against county clerk Wanda Halbert.

On Monday, the commission had plans to discuss an add-on agenda item to “No Confidence” in the Shelby County Clerk’s Office.

If passed, the resolution would have temporarily handed control of the clerk’s office over to the state, but that decision was quickly postponed.

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“This week, working with Commissioner Morrison, we’ve heard from representatives of the Governor, Greater Memphis Chamber, Office of the Controller, Mayor Harris. A great number of people are working collaboratively trying to support the clerk,” Commissioner Mark Billingsley said.

This comes weeks after commissioners went back and forth with clerk Wanda Halbert.

Since May, FOX13 has been reporting on the backlog in license plates in Shelby County. The county commission and the clerk’s office have blamed each other for falling behind. Commissioners have called it a “leadership and management” problem, pointing fingers at Clerk Wanda Halbert. Halbert insists that her office doesn’t have the resources to keep up with demand.

Halbert said she believes the current backlog in license plates and other services could have been avoided with additional funding.

The county has approved more than $500,000 to try to alleviate the load.

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County documents show her office brings in more than $12 million, but she says her department historically only gets to spend about half that amount.

Monday, some commissioners said there’d been progress made in the weeks-long backlog of mailing out plates.

“Today, I heard there’s been some progress, and the mayor’s administration has received some access, and we’re going to be getting more frequent reports, but we still just wanna see progress,” said Commissioner Brandon Morrison.

Both Morrison and Commissioner Mark Billingsley agreed that this item is not completely killed, but it is now being pushed back to give Halbert and her staff more time to get their footing.

“I think Commissioner Morrison and I would like to give the clerk two more weeks and move this to the next full commission meeting in hopes we’re going to have great results,” he said.

This decision will now be pushed back to the next commission meeting, which is three weeks away on August 8.


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