Couples out thousands, scrambling for wedding venue after NOAH’s closure

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Dozens of Mid-South couples out thousands of dollars and their wedding days possibly ruined after a popular wedding event venue permanently closed, with no advance notice.

They're left struggling to make the best of a very bad situation.

Joslyn Watermeier’s friends at work were throwing her a bridal shower when she got the news.

"She sends me a text 'call me when you can.,” Watermeier said.

The text came from her mom.

She had asked her to run by NOAH’s Event Venue to see why they weren’t answering the phone.

The response: the last thing a bride wants to hear the week of her wedding.

"She says, 'ok, don't freak out, but the venue's closed.' It really sent me in to complete shock. It didn't really register with me. I was like 'what are you talking about?' She said, 'the venue filed for bankruptcy and closed their doors."

Court records show NOAH's filed for bankruptcy last May.

According to their website, the bankruptcy court directed NOAH’s to close doors immediately, but that information, Watermeier said, was never relayed to the couples.

"I could have never dreamed this would happen,” Watermeier said.

Her dream sounded more like a nightmare.

Panicked and grief-stricken, Watermeier and her family began the desperate search for a venue with availability this weekend.

Little did she know, the wedding planning community had also heard the news about NOAH’s and were ready to answer the call.

“This affected all of us and it was something that, whether we are competition or not, all of us were kind of banding together,” said Shelby Hartman, Events manager for Orion Hill Weddings and Events.

“We’re in pretty close contact, so it we didn’t have a date open, we were talking to other venues and sending brides that way.”

Orion Hill Weddings and Events saved Joslyn's big day.

"It was a god thing,” Watermeier said, finally able to relax.

Joshua Payne and his fiancé Cherish Tuggle are also out thousands of dollars with no guarantee they will ever get a dollar of it back.

“When you talk to your bank, your bank says you authorized the payment, so we can’t to anything for you," he said. "There’s nothing you can do going forward but contact the courts.”

In order to book another venue, Payne said, they’ll have to put down a deposit, money they have tied up at NOAH’s.

He told FOX13 they’re left to pray for a miracle that someone will be able to accommodate their more-than 200 guests in May.

We went by NOAH’s Wednesday. No one answered the door. Our calls went to voicemail.