Court clerks help people erase criminal records at local church

Memphis, Tenn — People got a chance to hopefully start over with their records getting expunged in Frayser today.

It’s the second expungement fair held this year.

Saturday Morning at the pursuit of God church in Frayser people waited to see if they qualified to have their records expunged.

Kevin Phipps from the clerk’s office says these events usually bring out thousands of people.

“It’s a possibility of someone getting a job, getting a house it’s a big benefit especially if they are looking for employment,” Phipps said.

However, since the pandemic, the number of times to have the events have been limited.

Phipps says churches are always a good place to have these events because people tend to feel more comfortable.

“As churches open up we’ll do more. Prior to the pandemic, we did three to four a year,” Phipps said.

Crimes that qualify to be expunged range from misdemeanors to the theft of property.

Phipps says at the first expungement fair more than four hundred people qualified for expungements.

Just under 90 people left with their records expunged today.

“One guy this morning he was able to get three charges taken off his record so that’s success,” Phipps said.

There is no word yet when the next expungement fair will be.

Link to learn what crimes can be expunged.