Cover your face with a mask in Holly Springs or your wallet could take a hit

HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. — While the mask mandate expired in Mississippi 14 days ago, the city of Holly Springs still has its own Mask Ordinance and if you are not obeying it, it could wind up costing you.

If you don’t wear a mask in a social gathering or in a business in Holly Springs you could be hit with a fine and a date with the court.

Holly Springs Mayor Kelvin Buck said he is concerned about the way COVID-19 numbers are going in the state and across the country.

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He told FOX13 the city’s mask ordinance isn’t coming down any time soon and neither is the fine for violating it.

The mayor said he can’t say how many tickets have been written.

“Well, I don’t know," said Buck. "Several, because I have people have been calling me in regards to the tickets and want to know what they can do and I say go down to see our city judge, and maybe they can work something out with you.”

Calvin Tallie of Holly Springs said the fine is tough but he gets it.

“It’s good because a lot of people have died from the virus and wearing the mask will help,” Tallie said.

Smith Locket also lives in Holly Springs. He said he has seen the police department stop folks and give them tickets for not wearing the mask when they should be.

“Yeah, they will give you a ticket if you are without a mask," said Locket. "If they see you pulling up buying something and you don’t have a mask on, they’ll get you.”