COVID-19: Collierville High School employee test positive

WATCH: Collierville High School employee contracts COVID-19

MEMPHIS,TENN — It’s almost back to school time for our area schools and of course, the biggest topic is protecting school communities from COVID-19.

Collierville School District is already being impacted days before students return.

An employee has tested positive of COVID-19.

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School officials sent out an email stating that on Friday, July 31, the employee test results came back positive.

A spokesperson told FOX13 all those who now need to be in self-quarantine are doing just that.

It’s unclear what position the employee holds within Collierville School District but it is a staff member.

This positive test won’t delay the start of school as Collierville is set to start on August 17.

The district has two options for students, one is a hybrid of in-person and virtual classes, the other is an all-virtual lesson.

But this isn’t the first COVID-19 case for the district.

About a week ago three Collierville High football players tested positive.

The player did undergo quarantine for 14 days at home.

“Yes. (In response to the staff member working at the high school.) Collierville Schools administration received confirmation on Friday, July 31 regarding an employee at the high school that tested positive for COVID-19,” said a Collierville High spokesperson. “The employee is recovering at home and is quarantined for 10 days, staff are aware and the appropriate individuals are self-quarantining for 14 days.”