COVID-19 could force you to compromise on flowers this Mother’s Day

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Mother’s day is Sunday. If you haven’t ordered flowers yet, you could be in for a surprise.

Local florists tell FOX13 COVID-19 could force you to compromise.

“When you get into the specifics for some of the lesser grown flowers, like the topicals, those are going to be a little harder to come by,” said Michael Pugh, owner of Pugh’s Flowers.

The employees at the generational family-owned business are busy getting ready for the Mother’s Day crush.

“It is second to Valentine’s Day. It is bigger than Christmas,” said Pugh in an office he shares with his mother.

This florist insists they will not run out of the most popular type of flowers. The problem is the options for customers who want something specific.

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Pugh says the pandemic has disrupted farming, cultivation, and transportation. It means you can’t be too picky about the color of the flower, which can stress out a bride-to-be or wedding planner. For example, we asked specifically about a blue hydrangea.  

“We will say yes, we have them, but they are not solid blue. It will be a blue-white hydrangea.”

FOX13 asked if flower color can make a difference for weddings.

“Oh yes. For weddings, proms, to match a dress,” said Pugh.

He recommends customers be flexible in what they want and order early because this Sunday, you don’t want to arrive empty-handed.

“This is the first Mother’s Day since COVID that people can go see each other,” said Pugh.