Covid-19 Joint Task Force member offers advice after contracting the virus

WATCH: Covid-19 Joint Task Force member offers advice after contracting the virus

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Although a lot of people are traveling, a Memphis city employee who is helping with the city’s COVID-19 Task Force says it’s just not worth it.

Memphis Deputy Chief of Communications Allison Fouche has been taking all the proper steps since this pandemic started: social distancing, wearing a mask, and working from home for six months. She contracted the virus despite taking precautions.

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Even though doctors say it’s safer to eat outside, Fouche says she contracted the virus after a very small get-together outdoors.

“One of my friends asked, ‘Let’s get together. It’s my birthday. Let’s get together. We can be on the patio, a few of us, just six of us,” said Fouche.

Fouche told FOX13 after that small gathering a friend texted the group saying he had a fever and chills. That person tested positive for COVID-19 and so did Fouche.

“That one birthday dinner turned into everyone at the table getting COVID,” she said. “I know what to do because I’m part of the task force. I work daily with COVID, so I thought I did everything right, wearing my mask, washing my hands.”

Fouche says it just took one conversation with her mask off at the table for her to contract the virus. This is why Dr. LaTonya Washington, a Physician Advisor at Saint Francis Hospital Memphis, is warning people to think twice this holiday season, even if you get tested before traveling.

“Unless you’ve been in quarantine or restricting yourself from others of a time period for about 10 to 14 days when you get that test, that’s just one day in time,” Washington explained.

Fouche is warning people not to travel.

“Don’t do it,” she said. “I really believe save heartache where we can have one holiday where we can socially distance or not be around one another.”

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