COVID-19 survivor shares what to prepare if you catch the virus

MISSISSIPPI — Four weeks ago FOX13′s Tom Dees tested positive for COVID-19 along with two other family members. That experience had him thinking about what he was prepared for and what he wasn’t.

Tom put his head together with friends and coworkers who have survived COVID-19 on items you might want to stock up on if you have to quarantine yourself for 14 days.

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One of the big things that you may need if you get COVID-19 and have to quarantine is a friend or family member that can bring you something that you might need.

Also on the list, two-weeks worth of groceries. The main item would be soup in a can because it is easy to fix and easy to stomach. The flavor may not matter much because you may lose your sense of taste.

Avoid bread if you can because it can send blood sugar soaring and the texture is like wallpaper paste when it has no flavor.

As far as medications, doctors prescribed Tom a prescription decongestant and nasal spray. He also took Vitamin C and Vitamin D-3  and Mucinex.

Get yourself a decent pillow because if you test positive you may have to spend several days in bed, and bottled water may help you stay hydrated without having to get up much.

Among the other things that Tom says worked for him is something for headaches because he got the COVID headache as well.