COVID-19 vaccination card critical to receive 2nd dose of vaccine

WATCH: COVID-19 vaccination critical in getting 2nd dose of vaccine

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Shelby County Health Department is sending out an important notice to families who have or are planning to be vaccinated that could make the difference between you getting your second dose of the vaccine and being turned around at the door.

“We have to vaccinate a significant number of people not once but twice, and so the more speedy we can be at getting people through the line, the more people we can vaccinate in the long run,” said Shelby County Health Director Alisa Haushalter.

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Haushalter said everyone who receives a vaccine will get a vaccine record card. It helps medical professionals know the type of vaccine you took for your first dose, so you don’t mix the Pfizer with the Moderna vaccine as well as track potential side effects.

“It’s really important not to lose it. I encourage people to keep it in a safe space. It’s small enough to keep inside a wallet, so you can have it handy. Don’t lose it until you get that second vaccine,” said Haushalter.

If you lose that card,  there is a way you can transfer the information to a database called Tennis. Anyone who is approved for the vaccine will have to enter that information into the system and it could act as a back-up card.  Without the information, you may not be able to get your second dose.

After you receive your first dose, you will also get information on how to sign up for what’s called V-Safe. It’s a health checker that allows the CDC to directly text the patient to daily monitor their reaction to the dose, as well as provide alerts for when it’s time for the second dose.

So far Shelby County has only vaccinated first responders and people ages 75 and up, but teachers are next in line for the vaccinations. Haushalter says the county is looking at permanent sites for the vaccine to be administered.

“We know we will have a permanent site at the Pipkin Building at Tiger Lane so that’s one permanent site. We’re looking for another site toward the Whitehaven area potentially and then we’ll have roving sites. We’ve asked the public to really pay attention to our daily updates.”