Cracking down on those who know about drag races, reckless driving events

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis city council approved a new ordinance Tuesday prohibiting and penalizing those who know about drag racing and other reckless driving activities.

“You know we’ve seen record accidents and fatalities on the street, and a lot of it is due to reckless driving and it’s really nonsense, so we are sending a clear, strong message that it won’t’ be tolerated,” said Councilwoman Rhonda Logan, one of the co-sponsors for the ordinance.

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The ordinance includes a $50 and mandatory court appearance for those who know about planned drag races.

For drivers, the penalty is much higher because a new state law increases the penalty for illegal street racing to a Class A misdemeanor, with the potential of almost a year in prison.

“People are speeding, and they think it’s just about them having fun and being risky and what not but they’re putting other individuals’ lives in danger,” said Memphis Police Chief C.J. Davis.

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Davis said this ordinance is one more tool for the department as they work to prevent these races.

“It’s very dangerous, very dangerous and we’re seeing people lose their lives fatalities are up, not just for this city but across the country because of drag racing,” she said.

This new ordinance goes into effect immediately.