Crews install speedbumps in Memphis neighborhood considered hotspot for drag racing

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Berclair residents are excited about new speed bumps installed in their neighborhood.

For several months, residents complained about drag racing off Wells Station Road, near Jerry’s Sno Cones.

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Right now, drivers have to slow down thanks to several speed bumps put in place by the city.

Suzanne Burgess lives nearby.

She said for months cars would speed down the road with no regard for anyone’s safety.

“It has helped because I was sitting there watching and they have slowed down but some of them didn’t,” said Burgess.

Before the speedbumps were installed, Burgess said cars used to drag race non-stop making it unsafe for families in the area.

“The amount of sped, some of them go 90 miles an hour down that area,” said Burgess.

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“You can’t let your children play outside unless there is a fence between them, that’s not going to stop them.”

She said people who waited in line at Jerry’s Sno Cones also feared for their lives.

“They are so loud, and they are reckless, and everyone is scared to the fact that they are going to hit the crowd forming anywhere from 25 to 50 people that’s in line at Jerry’s,” said Burgess.

This issue was brought to the city of Memphis.

A city spokesperson said Memphis Police looked into this and found out the area is a hot spot for reckless driving and drag racing.

Crews jumped into action by installing several speed bumps on the road.

Burgess said this is a big relief for people who live close by.

“I know it’s an expense, but it needed something to grab people’s attention, hey let’s make a statement,” said Burgess.