Crittenden County Emergency Management Crews will not open emergency shelters

WATCH: Crittenden County Emergency Management crews will not open emergency shelter

CRITTENDED COUNTY, Ark. — Crittenden County Emergency Management Crews decided Wednesday to not open shelters.

As the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management braced for severe weather, they discussed how to execute emergency plans during the coronavirus pandemic.

For people who might need shelter, the usual locations may not be available during the storm.

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ADEM said the decision to open safe place shelters is made by individual facilities.

Wednesday, The Crittenden County Emergency Management announced it wouldn’t open the severe weather safe rooms to the public because of COVID-19.

A statement released by an emergency management spokesperson said impart,

“…with the ongoing dilemma of COVID-19, we have decided to suspend the use of the storm shelters until we see a noticeable decline in the COVID-19 cases throughout Crittenden County. We feel like asking our citizens to take shelter in the innermost room of their homes would be the more responsible action to take during these trying times.”

ADEM said Crittenden County residents could choose between ASU Mid-South, Greyhound Basketball Arena or Avondale Elementary in West Memphis.