Crittenden County operation lands many behind bars during holiday weekend

CRITTENDEN COUNTY, Ark. — This fourth of July weekend law enforcement agencies across Crittenden County cracked down on criminals to keep the public safe. This operation landed dozens of people behind bars.

With additional eyes on the streets, law enforcement was able to take guns and drugs off the streets and recover stolen property.

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“On a weekend like the fourth of July is a time when you may have a lot of individuals out with guns shooting. And when you look at these guns on this table, any of these guns could have taken a life,” said Marco McClendon, West Memphis Mayor.

McClendon is proud of local, county and state law enforcement as they joined forces to combat crime during Independence Day weekend.

“Getting out here with this high visibility, it drives the bad guys inside,” said Brent Bradley, West Memphis Police Department.

Operation Stars and Bars put 35 people behind bars, confiscated various drugs and got seven firearms off the streets, including one that injured a woman.

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“It was involved in an accidental discharge that resulted in a female being shot in the leg,” said Bradley.

The officers worked together from last Saturday through Tuesday. During that time the team also executed high-risk search warrants, arrest warrants and DWI checkpoints.

“All of these officers worked to keep our city safe and not just our city, but the county,” said McClendon.

We’re told they plan to hold more operations just like this one in the future to fight crime.