Curfew set for scooters in Downtown Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If you plan on taking an electric scooter ride Downtown this weekend, you’ll need to do so before 10 p.m.

The City of Memphis’ Bike and Pedestrian program announced on Twitter a new curfew for riders in certain areas of Downtown.

A geo-fenced ‘no ride’ zone for the core of Downtown, including Beale St., S. Main, and Mud Island River Park will go into effect Fri., April 1.

The curfew will last from 10 p.m To 5 a.m on Friday and Saturday nights.

Bike Ped Memphis said the restriction will be automatic.

When a rider crosses the boundary, the scooter’s motor will cut out and advise the driver to turn around.

Additionally, a rider will not be able to start a ride within the affected area during curfew hours.

FOX13 spoke with some scooter riders downtown who say they’re not happy.

“It’s hard enough to park down here so most of the time I don’t even leave my parking garage,” Colbey Lamburth of Memphis said. “I just hop on one of these and go down to Beale Street. I don’t even necessarily drink too much. But, 10 is not very late, you know. The party doesn’t even get started until 11 or 12.”

Bike Ped Memphis said the decision was made after they received several requests from downtown stakeholders.

They did not say how long the curfew will last.