Customers could be disappointed if they expect alcohol deliveries soon in Mississippi

HERNANDO, Miss. — On Thursday, a new law goes into effect in the State of Mississippi that will allow for the home delivery of alcohol. But don’t get too excited about having your booze delivered just yet.

FOX13 found out there could be weeks more to wait.

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Jared Shurden runs a liquor store in Hernando. He told us that customers who expect to have alcohol delivered on Thursday will be sorely disappointed.

”July 1 is when we are able to go on the Department of Revenue site and apply for the permit which will take between 6-8 weeks to receive a permit after July 1,” Shurden said.

We checked online with the Mississippi Department of Revenue and there is no alcohol delivery permit available just yet.

Shurden also said if you are having it delivered, expect to spend a little more.

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”Well it’s going to be a $50 minimum. Just to deliver will be a $5 surcharge for gas,” Shurden explained. “The other problem will come into is the liability. The roles aren’t really clear on whether we deliver to say a party and have for someone who is 21 and there are18 to 19-year-olds there and something happens, where does that fall?”

Shurden added that as a businessman, he has a lot of questions before the home delivery service can start.

”I think it can be very prosperous and good for everybody but the problem we are going to see is the cost. We don’t know how many drivers we are gonna have to have. We don’t do any business at all Monday through Wednesday.” Shurden said.

One liquor store owner in Tunica County said he doesn’t plan on doing home delivery because he doesn’t have the staff or local delivery service to do it.