DANGEROUS DRIVING: MPD reports multiple arrests over Memorial Day weekend

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It was a dangerous Memorial Day holiday weekend for drivers on Memphis streets. Drag racing and reckless driving continue to be significant problems.

Just last week, MPD Chief CJ Davis shared the department’s latest plan to combat drag racing and reckless drivers.

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FOX13 reached out to the Memphis Police Department (MPD) after learning at least five people were injured near a reported car show in North Memphis over the weekend.

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Vincent Billingsley, 27, was arrested and charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun after he and three other people were shot near Chelsea Avenue and Peres Avenue Saturday night.

We heard there was a car show in the area of Chelsea and Peres where the shots were fired. FOX13 reached out to MPD for more information.

According to MPD, officers were in the area of Chelsea and Peres Saturday evening after being alerted to a disturbance.

At 5:00 p.m., officers with the SCORPION unit were in the area and saw a maroon Dodge Charger doing donuts at Chelsea Avenue and Harrison Street. MPD said the officers attempted a traffic stop, but the Charger sped away. According to an affidavit, the car’s license plate was registered to a 2011 Honda Accord. The car crashed into another vehicle at Springdale Street and Brown Avenue. Officers said they saw three men who were in the car running away and chased them on foot, MPD said. The passengers were caught. They were identified as Darius Lewis and Dedrick Bush. Officers checked the car and found two weapons, marijuana, and promethazine.

Lewis, 28, was charged with evading arrest on foot, possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony, unlawful possession of a firearm, and possession with intent to manufacture/deliver/sell. He also had warrants for theft of property $10,000-$60,000, termination of diversion, and petition to revoke a suspended sentence. He has no bond set at this time, according to police.

Bush, 25, was charged with evading arrest on foot, possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony, unlawful possession of a firearm, and possession with intent to manufacture/deliver/sell.

According to an affidavit, the driver was identified as Trevell Jones. His wallet was found in the car’s console. MPD contacted Jones’ parole officer, who confirmed he drove a dark red Charger.

A few hours later, just before 8 p.m., police in the area near Chelsea Avenue and Boxwood Street saw a red Infiniti with several women in the car who were “pointing guns at onlookers.” According to an affidavit, a few minutes later, the car sped down Chelsae with a woman standing on the hood and holding on to the windshield. MPD said officers were able to stop the car and safely get the woman off of the hood.

The driver, 30-year-old Shatara Mallory, was arrested and charged with Reckless Driving and Driving while License was Suspended/Cancelled/Revoked.

The woman on the vehicle hood, 19-year-old Arneshia Taylor, was issued a ticket for Seatbelt Violation.

Police said they had the Infiniti towed.

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Just a few minutes later, at approximately 8:00 p.m., officers stopped a reckless driver in the area of Chelsea Avenue and North Hollywood Street. The driver, 26-year-old Aldarrius Carpenter, was issued a misdemeanor citation, and his vehicle was towed.

As a FOX13 crew was leaving the scene of an apartment fire Monday evening, they witnessed a red sports car doing donuts at the intersection of Macon Road and National Street. FOX13 reporter Kayla Solomon shot video as the car sped off.

Earlier this month, FOX13 Investigates talked exclusively with the people who said they were behind what is known as the “Memphis slide.” They are some of the drivers who block intersections to perform stunts. They said they are happy to stop performing on the streets if city leaders will work with them.

The drivers told FOX13 Investigates they’re aware shutting down intersections comes with inherent danger but ask city leaders and police for a venue where sliding is sanctioned and without police interference, gladly taking their performances there and off city streets.

‘Memphis slide’ drag race drivers ask city leaders, police for venue to perform legally

Earlier this year, FOX13 compiled several years’ worth of data from the Memphis Police for a FOX13 Investigation.

We found there were 890 arrests for reckless driving in the city last year and 80 arrests for drag racing.

That’s up significantly from 2020, when MPD made 727 reckless driving arrests and 35 drag racing arrests, driving the Memphis Police Department to increase staffing within their traffic unit.

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