Delta Cannabis medical marijuana dispensary opens in West Memphis

WATCH: Delta Cannabis medical marijuana dispensary opens in West Memphis

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — Delta Cannabis opened in West Memphis, Ark. Wednesday. FOX13 was there as the first customers went through the door.

It’s been nearly four years since Arkansas’ legislature passed the Medical Marijuana Amendment. West Memphians FOX13 spoke with said they are excited to have the medicine they need only a short drive from home.

“Everybody smokes cannabis. Everybody. If you say you don’t, I don’t believe you. ‘Cause you do. Everybody smokes weed,” customer Alicia Pufhal said.

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Pufhal said she was overjoyed for opening day at Delta Cannabis. And she wasn’t the only one.

“I used to be on pain pills, but I was able to get off of them with smoking the marijuana, and I do it through my doctor,” customer Cristie told FOX13.

Budtender Xandria Bellach said customers are matched with a product based on their condition.

“For chronic back pain, I would probably do, for example, an edible. An edible would be something that lasts a lot longer, compared to smoking, which is more fast-acting,” she said.

Just under 64,000 Arkansans have a medical marijuana card. That number far outpaces early predictions.

Through COVID-19, sales have soared.

“We’ve partnered with people who are local in this community, local in the region to work here. We’re trying to make sure that the money we invest here is distributed back out in the community, where it belongs.” Delta Cannabis Spokesperson Taylor Riddle said.

Security is paramount.

“These things are like Fort Knox,” said Pufhal. “It’s like you’re trying to break into a bank. It’s not possible.”

The crowds weren’t exactly what was expected Wednesday. In other cities, we’ve seen lines out the door before businesses even opened. Riddle said they’re not allowed to conventionally advertise. So right now they’re reliant upon word of mouth.

“I’ll definitely be back,” a customer told FOX13. “Hopefully within a few days.”

And it’s only getting easier to get a medical marijuana card. Because of COVID-19, patients are able to get qualifying conditions diagnosed via telemedicine.