Deputy involved shooting leaves man dead in Mississippi

A Tate County man wanted on a domestic assault warrant is dead after being shot by a sheriff deputy.

As FOX13 found out, Keith Cole’s family said the deputy didn’t have to kill him.

Cole was shot and killed Thursday afternoon in the Looxahoma community. According to Sheriff Brad Lance, a deputy tried to make a traffic stop on Cole on Highway 4.

Cole pulled over and got out of his car and ran into the woods. Lance told FOX13 that the deputy pursued Cole into the woods and that his department has already shared body camera footage with the family.

Cole’s brother James Mitchell saw the video and claims that in it his brother was on the ground and was shot when the deputy told him to get up. He said his brother got up turned around and was shot as he pulled his pants up before being shot a second time as his hand jerked in the air.

Lance said the body camera footage is consistent with why the deputy said he discharged his weapon.

Twenty-five family members of Cole’s returned to the scene to pray on Sunday, including his nephew Ryan Conley and Pastor Keith Cole who is named for his uncle.

”When it’s murder, it’s murder. I don’t care if it is the law or not. My uncle was already laying down. You should have put the cuffs on him and took him to the truck. He would still be living, but you took his life,” Ryan Conley said.

” It’s a big mystery to me because the only thing we see is when they get to the woods and he is already laying down and stretched out. Why not just put cuffs on him and pick him up and search him if you are really worried about your life,” Pastor Keith Cole said.

FOX13 has reached out to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations who have now taken over the case. When we hear back from them we will let you know.