DeSoto Co. begins picking up the pieces after tornadoes swept through

WATCH: DeSoto County starts picking up the pieces after tornadoes swept through

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — Two tornadoes tore through DeSoto County early Saturday morning, leaving more than 140 homes with damage.

One of the hardest hit areas was in the Lewisburg area, near Allison Road.

Luckily no serious injuries were reported in the area.

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FOX13 spoke to one man who was told he can’t stay in his home because it is structurally unsound.

A lot of residents moved out to the area because of how beautiful it is, but after the tornadoes now there’s a lot to cleanup.

“That is one of the things we have all talked about is this was such a beautiful and peaceful area and there is not a tree left on this place that is going to be able to be saved,” said Neil Loftiss, a Lewisburg resident.

Loftiss told FOX13 he was staying at his house with the help of a generator, but he was told his home is structurally unsound.

Now he’s going to have to find a hotel to stay at with his dog.

According to the Fire Chief, things are starting to get a little better as the power is restored.

The chief said local fire stations have protective gear to help residents working to clean up.

“We just got a lot of safety equipment, gloves and earplugs and safety glasses, stuff that people may need to wear while they are actually using the chainsaws and getting the debris out so, that just came in here and we have tarps that were brought in,” said David Linville, the Lewisburg Fire Chief.

If you are looking to help or for help, there are a number of places where you can drop of canned goods or water.

There will be someone at the Lewisburg Fire Station until 6 p.m. every evening to take any donations.

If you want to make a donation at the Love Fire Station, there is someone there 24/7.

If you live out of state and want to make a donation, the county says to make it to the American Red Cross.

The Lewsiburg Fire Station is located at 8771 Byhalia Rd, Olive Branch, MS 38654

The Love Fire Station is located at 7345 Hwy 51 S, Hernando, MS 38632.

Gray’s Creek Baptist Church, located at 5020 Getwell Road in Hernando, has clothing, toiletries, and more for victims. They will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Food will also be served starting at 4 p.m.

WATCH: DeSoto Co. begins picking up the pieces after tornadoes swept through 2