DeSoto County Coroner creates a stir on social media over COVID deaths

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — Desoto County Coroner Josh Pounders has created quite a stir with a recent COVID-19 related post on his Facebook page.

Pounders said that it is the health department requiring the county’s 24 COVID related deaths to be labeled as COVID-19 deaths and that is what is causing a lot of the fear.

In his recent Facebook post, Pounders wrote that he felt compelled to act because of what he calls fear that is being driven by politicians with agendas, among other things.

Darren Fair of Hernando told us he agrees with the coroner on this one.

“Politics, it’s all about politics and it’s all political like why are they opening up the schools,” Fair said.

Pounders said his office recently completed reports for 144 deaths in July, but only 24 people tested positive for COVID-19 before they died.

Pounders said he attributes the other deaths to underlying health conditions like heart disease and cancer but if they had COVID at the time of their death, the health department would have required that it be reported as a COVID death.

Maxine Dean of Hernando said that’s not right.

“I think that everyone that dies or goes to the hospital doesn’t have COVID, the world is full of sickness and not everybody is dying of COVID-19,” Dean said

The coroner said in DeSoto County deaths, all of them in July were over 75 and many of them had fatal preexisting conditions and were in nursing homes.

“I just don’t feel like COVID is the cause of everybody’s death that’s what they are making it sound like,” Dean said.