DeSoto County seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases, less people out and about

WATCH: DeSoto County seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases

DESOTO COUNTY, Tenn. — DeSoto county currently has 23 confirmed coronavirus cases.

That is the second highest number of coronavirus cases in the state of Mississippi, behind only Hinds County in the Jackson area.

FOX13′s Tom Dees has worked to find out why the number is higher.

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We have reached out to the state health department to find out why the coronavirus numbers are as high as they are in DeSoto County.

The virus lives a long time, and we really don’t know who all we come in contact with. It’s just real scary and everybody is scared of everybody else.

At this point, no one is quite sure what has lead to the numbers in the county, though residents have their suspicions.

“Well a couple of weeks ago, at Spring Break, a lot of people went out of town from New Orleans to Florida and other states,” said Karyn Malone.

A number of local leaders who wouldn’t go on camera told us they don’t think that is it.

WATCH: Restaurants in North Mississippi close dining rooms, move to takeout and delivery

They told us it’s because testing is becoming more available in DeSoto County.

Leaders have taken steps to try and curb the spread by closing dining rooms in restaurants in the county, which includes Southaven and Olive Branch.

Either way, Cherry Hollis said she is going to continue to do what she can not to catch it.

“Make sure you wash your hands,” Hollis said. “Don’t come in contact with a lot of people and just stay away from crowds.”

Sound advice in these difficult times.

If you need to be tested for the coronavirus in DeSoto County, they do not do testing at the health department.

Instead, you need to contact your primary physician.

Sheree Towles of the Neighborhood Grill in Olive Branch told us it hit her business hard.

The only cars in the parking lot while we were there were the ones that belong to people who work here.

As of Saturday, we had to let three employees take a layoff,” Towles said. “We cut back our breakfast, and we're doing call-ins only and curbside deliveries only.”

We were in the Neighborhood Grill's parking lot for about 30-minutes and normally it is jammed any day of the week.

Not today.

“It is very slow,” she said. “We usually run 70 to 80 people on Monday, we are running about 20.”

Bobby Ferguson of Coleman’s Barbecue in Hernando told us he has never seen anything like this sudden slow down.

“Well, business is off right now this week,” he said. “We went to takeout only at Colemans in Hernando and it is hurting business.”

Ferguson told us it's something he must do to protect his staff and customers who he'd love to see filling up the place again.

“Well we would but we want everyone to stay safe and we need to get this behind us,” he said.