DeSoto County stepping up traffic control near Lewisburg Schools, sheriff’s department says

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — Drivers you have been warned.

The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department is stepping up traffic control near the Lewisburg Schools. They’ve had a number of complaints about speeders on Craft Rd. near I-269.

FOX13 spoke with the sheriff’s department and with parents about concerns. According to DCSO, the problem is while southbound drivers are slowing down to pick up kids northbound drivers are zipping along not paying attention.

Chief Deputy Justin Smith said the problem is concerning and it is putting deputies’ lives at risk. Six deputies are out here directing traffic daily in bright gear.

” It’s almost a daily occurrence, where one of our deputies is out there and almost gets hit by school traffic. Most of it is due to inattentive drivers, people playing, high school kids with the stereo up and not paying attention to people directing traffic,” Smith said.

Robert Vanderburg was sitting, waiting to pick up a grandchild. He didn’t like what he saw.

”I have been sitting here. While ago and three people came by doing about 60 miles per hour it seemed like. So they need to slow it down a little bit for sure,” Vanderburg said.

Jeff Wardle was waiting to pick up his great-nephew and watching the deputies direct traffic.

”I take my hat off to them, standing out there directing traffic. People need to be cautious and slow down,” Wardle said.

Smith said, while the deputies have written tickets for careless driving in the school zone, they’d rather not.

”Our primary concern with this is we’re not interested in writing tickets. Our primary concern is to bring awareness around Lewisburg Schools.” Chief Smith said.