DeSoto County teacher’s aide dies from COVID-19, sources say

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — Sources tell FOX13 a Desoto County teacher’s aide has died from complications due to COVID-19.

The teacher’s aide’s name has not been released but we do know that she worked at Hernando Elementary School.

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The community and the school system are grieving.

People who knew the teacher’s aide said she was older and that she had underlying health conditions.

Bryan Rhodes grew up in the neighborhood and went to school at Hernando Elementary.

“Oh my God, prayers go out to the family and to the teachers that work with her. Just condolences and prayers,” Rhodes said.

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One school worker we talked said the school system needed more teacher’s aides like the one who passed away.

“Losing anyone to COVID-19 is awful, teacher’s aides, teachers, doctors, everyone puts their life on the line. COVID is rampant and tragic,” said Rhodes.

Because of the death, some in the neighborhood think the school should go virtual.

Kenny Faulk of Hernando said he knows several people who work at the school.

“What I think is that they should really look into it and maybe shut the schools down until they get control over COVID,” Faulk said.

But that may not help.

State data showed there have been few cases at Hernando Elementary School.