DeSoto County teen commits suicide after being bullied, mother says

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. — A DeSoto Central High School teen committed suicide after he was bullied.

“I am Reagan Sandy’s mom and we are standing in Heritage Christian Life Center getting ready for his funeral, he just turned 15 and he was an amazing kid,” said his mom in tears.

Shannon Fouts told us her son, Reagan, loved being in the scouts, politics and studying foreign languages.

But his family spent Tuesday picking out a casket for him and making funeral plans.

“We believe the reason he is gone from us today is because he was being bullied and we want it to stop,” she said. “We don't want anyone else to lose another son or sister or a mom or dad or coworker.”

The mother told us she believes her son was bullied because he was smart and he was little.

“We always told him that dynamite comes in small packages and two chihuahuas don't make a Great Dane,” she said.

Reagan’s family won't say who bullied him because it is still under investigation.

For now, they are left with memories and preparations for a final goodbye.

Reagan will be laid to rest this Saturday.