Device pickup delay causes some confusion for SCS parents, long lines

WATCH: Device pickup delay causes some confusion for SCS parents, long lines

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The first day of school will be very different for SCS students tomorrow.

Instead of walking in the hallways, they’ll learn virtually at home.

Our newsroom received calls this morning from parents confused.

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They arrived at the Jackson Avenue distribution location and no one was there, so there’s been some confusion.

FOX13 spoke to a mother who got out there around 8:45 in the morning in what was her third attempt at getting devices

“We just decided to get here early because I knew the line was going to be all the way down Jackson,” said April Cunningham.

April Cunningham was correct in her thinking Sunday. The mother of two students was among the many parents waiting in line at the SCS distribution building on Jackson Avenue.

SCS spokeswoman Jerica Phillips is asking for patience in an unprecedented time filled with delays and frustrations.

“We are working to get a device in every student’s hand within the district within a matter of weeks,” said Philips. “So we ask that the community and our parents definitely show grace.”

The Jackson Avenue pickup location was one of a few used this weekend to make up for Friday’s originally scheduled distribution canceled due to weather.

Fox 13 received multiple calls from parents who arrived at Jackson Avenue in the morning but there was no one there.

The pickup wasn’t scheduled to start until 1 in the afternoon.

Cunningham said there has been some confusion.

“First there was one location we were supposed to pick up from and then they ended up changing the time for the first locations,” she said.”Then they went back and changed it to three different locations and they made the times a little bit less.”

Phillips said SCS sent out information on new times this weekend via Robocall. She said some parents may not have received the alert if their contact info in PowerSchool wasn’t updated.

“We ask again if parents didn’t get those updated messages last week about the makeup days that they certainly update their information, their contact information in power school,” said Philips. “Because we can not share updates if they don’t have the most current information.”

While Cunningham said it’s been a frustrating process, Phillips said patience is needed during the early stages.

“It’s very frustrating,” she explained. “It just seems like it could be a lot more easier application as far as trying to get these laptops. I didn’t know why they wouldn’t allow each additional school to pass these devices out to their own students. It seems like that would have been an easier process.”

“We cannot say it enough. Patience and grace as we go through an unprecedented school year,” Philips told FOX13 News.

There was extended tech and enrollment support earlier today from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m.

Philip said help will always be available and parents can go to for more information.