‘Disgusting’ Memphis city councilman says of Tyre Nichols body-cam video

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The family of Tyre Nichols is readying themselves for a day of emotion as they’re expected to view police body-cam video of the “confrontations” with Memphis police that led to Nichols’ death.

Authorities have promised to release video from Nichols’ arrest afterwards, though no exact timetable for the release of that video has been given.

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The video shows the final, few moments of what led up to 29-year-old Nichols’ death while in police custody.

Nichols’ family is expected to view the recordings before they will be joined by civil rights attorney Ben Crump for a press conference scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Monday.

“I have spoken to several people who have actually seen the video. … I have been told it’s disgusting, it’s damaging; it’s not good even slightly,” said district two Councilman Frank Colvett, Jr. in a phone interview with FOX13.

Covett, Jr. said he was not aware of the status of the investigation into Nichols’ death, though he did add he anticipates criminal charges resulting from a deep and independent investigation

“It’s bad. That was one, the overarching thing that I heard,” he said.

What happened after Nichols was pulled over by the police is still shrouded in uncertainty, with police immediately saying only there were two “confrontations” between Nichols and police after he was pulled over.

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An image of Nichols, bruised and on oxygen, emerged during a protest held by his family, held at the Ridgeway police precinct, days after he died in the hospital, leaving the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to investigate the circumstances.

All five officers involved have been fired, the police department said Friday night.

The body-cam video has been held tightly, with few having seen it, and some, like Colvett, Jr., of East Memphis, are getting an account of what it shows.

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Colvett, Jr. said the “city government, as well as law enforcement, are prepared for any eventuality” because of the video’s public release.

“We’re all going to be very disgusted and want the maximum penalty for these officers … what we don’t want to do is mettle into the investigation” so the accused are able to be acquitted or have charges dropped, he said.