Disturbing video shows officers roughly arresting man inside his home

OAKLAND, Tenn. — An arrest in Fayette County left one man in stitches and a local police department under investigation.

On Saturday, Oakland Police said they were trying to stop Brandon Calloway when Calloway got to his home and got out the car and he went inside. An affidavit from police said he came back outside the house with two people “being aggressive”.

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Video of the arrest, shot by Calloway’s girlfriend, ends after another woman pulls her away from her argument with an officer. A second video begins, showing officers charging into the family home of Calloway. Their report says they had to kick in a door to get to him.

You see them chase Calloway into an upstairs room, where Calloway hid behind a couch and officers begin tasing him.

The affidavit from police said the taser had “no effect on Calloway”. So, they used a baton instead.

The fight then moves downstairs.

The video then shows what appears to be a sheriff’s deputy walk into the room.

The affidavit continues the story, saying that the taser and batons both did not work and “Calloway continued to resist arrest”. But, once in a bedroom, you hear the deputy pulling Calloway out of a room, yelling for him to ‘get on the ground’.

Once Calloway is on the ground, Calloway’s attorney, Andre Wharton of The Wharton Law Firm said one of the officers put a foot on Calloway’s neck area.

“In this video, you can see in the house when force is being exerted, one of the officers, I believe to be one of the white males, you’ll have to verify for yourself, is putting his foot on the head area, the neck of Brandon Calloway,” Wharton said.

According to the affidavit and Calloway’s attorney, Calloway got about eight stitches on his head and face.

Now Calloway faces evading arrest, disorderly conduct, and other charges.

FOX13 spoke to Oakland Police Chief Chris Earl, who said his department is looking into what happened.

“Our officers are well-trained. So, as far as any allegations go, we just need to look at the investigation and see where everything comes out,” he said.

Calloway’s attorney said he was returning home from a Door Dash delivery and, at this time, it does not appear that he had any weapons on him.

Fayette County District Attorney Mark Davidson told FOX13 that he has asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to investigate the circumstances of the arrest and the use of force involved.