Doctors explain whether it’s safe to visit vaccinated grandparents

WATCH: Doctors explain whether it’s safe to visit vaccinated grandparents

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As COVID-19 vaccines start to reach older Americans, many wonder if it means we can finally be with them and even give them a long-overdue hug.

Doctors said if grandparents really want to spend time with their grandkids or other relatives, the safest way is still for everyone to quarantine for at least 10 days.

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Or if you have negative results, you can quarantine for seven days.

COVID-19 is making it hard on a lot of families wanting to hug their grandparents or parents. Even doctors felt the impact.

“It’s been tough, I have not seen any family members since all of this started. I live with my husband and I have a small child and it’s been really difficult. I have a five-year-old and he has not been able to see his grandparents. We FaceTime a lot,” said Dr. Shirin Muzumder, an infectious disease physician with Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare.

Muzumder said even though the older population is getting vaccinated, getting the vaccine reduces your overall chances of getting the virus but it doesn’t mean you should let your guard down anytime soon.

“The vaccine is very effective in preventing severe infections but what we don’t know right now is how efficacious the vaccines are in preventing asymptotic infections and how effective the vaccines are in preventing asymptotic transmission.”

“When they get that second vaccine, will there be a time where it is then safe to go around their family members,” Siobhan Riley asked.

“It will be safer, nothing, unfortunately, is 100 percent safe but it will be safer, particularly after a couple of weeks, about two to three weeks after that vaccine has been received,” Muzumder replied.

Doctors said if you do decide to go around your loved one, the best place to meet is outdoors, with your mask and socially distanced; even if you are vaccinated.

Local experts said it could be a few years from now before we see some normalcy.