Dog owner searching for 2 pets after stolen while in groomer’s car

CLARKSDALE, Miss. — A Mississippi woman says she wants her dogs back.

Lilly Safley’s dogs were stolen almost two weeks ago along with the groomer’s car while they were inside.

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Safley told FOX13 she is pleading for their safe return.

Safley said she was out of town when she got a panicked call from her dog’s groomer.

She’s been handing out fliers ever since.

”I got a call from my groomer, and she was hysterical saying that the dogs were stolen,” Safley said. “What happened is she picked the dogs up to get them groomed and bring them right back.”

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According to police, the groomer also works at Region One Mental Health Speech and Hearing Center in Clarksdale.

On that day she parked her car, left the car running with the air on and dogs in it and went to let someone in the building. When she came back two minutes later, the car was gone.

”The car was gone with the dogs and the kennels in the car.” Safley said.

The car was found burning Saturday morning in Tunica County.

There was no sign of the dogs or kennels inside.

Safley said she is offering a generous reward for the dogs’ safe return.

”The older one, Prissy, is 11, and she has seizures. The little one is real spunky a child would probably love her but I want her back” she said.