Domestic violence advocate helps victims struggling to leave abusers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police will likely release more information Friday about the suspect who killed the mother of five Tuesday morning.

Shaneka Harvell tried hard to leave her ex-boyfriend before she was murdered while her kids were in the home.

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When FOX13 did a background check on Harvell’s ex-boyfriend, we found out he has 11 prior arrests, including domestic violence and rape.

FOX13 is not using his name because police have not named him as a suspect in Harvell’s murder.

“That is just another huge tragedy,” said Deborah Clubb with the Memphis Says No More Campaign.  “We see the domestic violence homicides rise there’s a tragic additional one.”

Clubb said what happened to Harvell should remind friends and family to pay attention to what’s happening around you, particularly on video calls.

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“If I said to you today, I just want to talk, I’ll just listen, that could mean something dangerous these days, that can be more than a bad hair day,” Clubb said.

The Say No More Campaign is getting its message across through 30-second commercials reminding people if you hear something next door, you can help.

“I say call the police. I say let the police know that address," Clubb said. "I don’t think they have to say your neighbor called us. get some help from people that way.”

The commercial lists a number where victims can get the tools needed to survive. Clubb said if you are trying to get out of an abusive relationship, have a solid safety plan.

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“Think about where you could go where he won’t immediately know would be your place to go.  Not your very best friend. Not your sister, ot your mother.  Who else? is there someone within a church setting?”

In Harvell’s case, she and her five children came to live with her mother to get away from her boyfriend.

Police are still searching for the suspect.

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