Don’t get confused by Mississippi’s two-sided ballot

MISSISSIPPI — There are a lot of races on the ballot in Mississippi this election but some voting people voting absentee have wondered where some of the contests are.

One thing you might want to do is check your ballot front and back.

The ballot in Mississippi has two sides in a lot of cases.

"On the front side of your ballot is the races like the presidential race and in this county, you have the election commissioners race and then in District 5, you have a school board race.

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We have already been contacted by two voters who voted by absentee ballot and forgot to vote on the medical marijuana initiative and on the state’s flag because they somehow missed it on paper.

In Desoto County, it is a little harder to miss on the ballot on November 3 if you follow the directions at the bottom.

“At the bottom of the ballot before you turn it over it tells you to flip it over,” said Desoto County Election Commission Chairman Danny Klein.

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If you don’t flip it over on Election Day and complete the back side, chances are you will miss your chance to vote on some key issues.

“It’s very important because it has the measures you want to vote on and the flag or the medical marijuana,”  Klein said.