Drive-by shooting captured on home security camera

WATCH: Drive-by shooting captured on home security camera

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Imagine checking your home security video and seeing a drive-by shooting in action.

That’s what happened for one resident in the 5800 block of Scottsdale Avenue in Hickory Hill on February 4.

Allen McIntosh, 73, not only heard the gun fire, he watched the crime happened and described to me the passenger in the car armed with a gun taking aim.

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According to the Memphis Police, the suspects fired at house once, turned the car around drove by the house a second time and fired more shots.

“Like my son said like four to ten shots, pop, pop,pop,” McIntosh said.

FOX13′s Greg Coy knocked on the door of the house that had at least three bullet holes, but no one answered.

“You just don’t have any idea what motivated it. You just stay out of the way and hope nobody is hurt,” said Lula Page, a neighbor.

The suspects involved in the drive by have not been arrested if you have any information call crime stoppers.