Drive-thru COVID-19 vaccinations available in Lafayette County

WATCH: Drive-thru COVID-19 vaccinations available in Lafayette County

LAFAYETTE COUNTY, Miss. — More than two hundred Lafayette County health workers and people age 75 and older got vaccinated Friday at the Lafayette County Health Department.

The people who got the vaccine say it is critical because the population is ever changing in Oxford and Lafayette County.

Earl Stubblefield told FOX13 he wasn’t afraid to get the vaccine. He says he is actually excited and has been looking forward to this day.

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“It is extremely important. In this town, there are a lot of people coming in and out and I am a dentist and we see tons of people a day,” Stubblefield said.

Every healthcare worker FOX13 spoke to in Oxford and Lafayette County said that they are glad to get the vaccine because of the number of people they come in contact with every day.

“Any time that you work in a medical field there is always concern about people coming back into school from all different states around us, so getting this vaccine is highly important,” said Margie Mayfield of Oxford who works in a local dentist’s office.

Katie Horton of Oxford said her parents fall into the 75 or older group. They have had a tough time trying to get vaccinated because slots are high in demand.

“As soon as it opened up it was hard,” she said. “The slots filled up fast and they want to be able to get it sort of close to home and not travel, but it is just difficult and they have to check every day.”

Jim Craig is the Senior Deputy and Director of Health Protection with the Mississippi Department of Health. He said the state is looking at larger sites to vaccinate more people as more vaccine becomes available.

“Oxford is one of the sites that we are developing to become more high volume size for people to do drive through vaccinations. So in this area, we have one and we have one in Columbus and one in Oxford and hopefully, we will be expanding those two soon,” Craig said.

The state of Mississippi is also looking at using the parking lot at Panola Medical Center in Batesville as a regular vaccination point so more people can get vaccinated there as more vaccine becomes available.

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