Suspect in deadly crash smoked weed before driving due to Kobe Bryant’s death, police say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is in jail and two people are dead after a crash in Memphis, police said.

“It could’ve been me. It almost was me if I had panicked and not moved,” said Demetria Davis.

Davis said she moved out of the way just in time to avoid a head-on collision.

According to the court records, Charles Jones was driving on Third Street when he took a left-hand turn at a red light. Jones slammed into another vehicle head-on in the middle of the street, MPD said.

According to police, 54-year-old Sonja Roser and 51-year-old Christopher Hunt did not survive.

Jones told police he “had smoked some weed earlier due to being upset over Kobe Bryant’s passing away.” He also said he was speeding, passed the Walgreen’s entrance and tried to beat the traffic at the intersection.

“It’s just careless, and it’s not an excuse. those are peoples lives,” Davis said.

Police watched surveillance footage which showed Jones crashing into the victims’ car, court records said.

Davis said she called police then tried to help the man and woman who were hit.

“I talked to her as much as I could, and I thought she was going to make it,” Davis told FOX13.

Jones was charged with Driving Under the Influence, two counts of Vehicular Homicide, Reckless Driving and more.

Davis said it’s a memory she wishes she could forget.

“Two people are gone, you know? People are not here anymore because of a careless act.”

Jones is expected to appear in court Tuesday morning.