Dry conditions in the Mid-South prompt Red Flag Warning

OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. — Parts of the Mid-South were under a Red Flag Warning Wednesday.

This means you should avoid all outdoor burning as conditions are ripe with dry and windy conditions for fire to spread quickly. Back in February, FOX13 reported about a grass fire that got out of control in Olive Branch, Mississippi.

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FOX13 returned to an Olive Branch neighborhood Wednesday as this new warning was issued. Those who live there know all too well how dangerous these conditions can be.

“It was no laughing matter, it was very, very, scary,” Diane Sparks said.

Sparks took pictures in early February as the fire rapidly spread through her neighborhood, burning up yards and her lawn furniture in a matter of minutes. The grass has grown back and the lawn furniture has been replaced, but conditions right now are just like they were then, dry, windy, and perfect for a fast spreading fire.

“We could have lost our home, a home we cherish and love and our grand children are here and we could have lost our pets and things that are valuable to us and our lives,” Sparks said.

Sparks put her sprinkler in the yard Wednesday to wet it down as best she could.

”Yes, because it was dry, and my husband said to wet the grass and try to take precautions if it happens again because people do not want to abide by certain rules and regulations on fire,” Sparks said.

Her neighbor Lashunda Rose Jefferson said people need to be cautious in these conditions.

“What do I think of the fire, I thought it was really unfortunate for the neighbors whose yards were destroyed by someone just lighting a fire,” Jefferson said.