“Duck Truck” brightening bills across Mississippi

Hernando, Miss. — A giant rubber ducky is bringing joy to some in a North Mississippi town.

It’s tied to the top of Hernando teenager’s uniquely customized truck. FOX13 caught up with the 17-year-old teen who said he’s only doing it to make people smile.

It has simply become known as “The Duck Truck” in Hernando. A while back Tanner Daniels put this big blow-up rubber duck on top of his truck just to make a friend’s niece smile. He’s been riding around town like this ever since, big rubber duck on top of his truck.

”He was like ‘Hey why take it down? Everybody is smiling everybody likes it.’” Tanner’s friend Logan Ray said.

Ray told us that you have to know Tanner to understand it all. It’s just something Tanner would do.

”I think Tanner is just trying to make something good out of something bad that’s going on with all the COVID stuff going on he just likes to see people smile.” Ray said.

”A bunch of them are like that, a bunch of people just ride by and smile and wave and a bunch of people honk.” Tanner said.

The big duck is secured to the top of the truck by this large tie-down strap that runs through the cab of the truck.

But, Tanner said, he’s not without his haters. Some people don’t like the loud pipes on his truck, some don’t like his loud music and some folks don’t like the duck on his truck.

”I don’t really pay attention to them I just mostly just let it slide.” Tanner said.