Efforts to clean Memphis lake result in more than 30,000 lbs. of trash being rounded up

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Cleaning the environment is no small victory. It takes time, even years, to manage.

The Living Lands and Waters organization understands that, and for years they’ve been coming to Memphis to treat one lake filled to the brim with trash: McKellar Lake.

“We had 19,000 lbs. almost 20,000 lbs. of garbage removed,” said Callie Schaser, communications specialist with Living Lands and Waters.

And that was only in the first week of March.

The Living Lands and Waters Organization has focused on McKellar Lake in Memphis.

It’s been a hotspot for garbage to pile up over the years.

Since 2011, Callie Schaser with Living Lands and Waters said progress has been made, even if it has been slow.

“You should have seen it back then,” said Schaser, “It was so much more. So much more.”

Schaser described how layers of trash could be seen across this area from years ago.

Through the help of their internship program, they’ve been able to gather students from across the country in their continuous efforts to clean McKellar Lake.

“We’re just making the most of it and make a difference,” said Lindsey Waldo, a Clemson University student.

Carl Williams IV, another student at Clemson, said, “I just love the fact that they’re taking the initiative, especially in conditions like this.”

But Schaser said the work is far from done.

She said it takes more than one person or group of people to make change happen.

“Just take it one plastic bottle, one tire, one barrel at a time,” said Schaser.

McKellar Lake also filters into the Mississippi River, which is responsible for supplying 18 million people with their water supply.

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