Elderly Mid-South woman says she was scammed by handyman

BYHALIA, MISS. — Charlene Glover said she paid Billy Terry of Terry’s Handyman Service in Byhalia, Mississippi, nearly $13,000 to make repairs to her home. She showed FOX13 a receipt she said proved it, but according to her, he scammed her out of her money and didn’t finish the job.

“I’m on a fixed income,” Glover said. “That’s the money I get once a month. This is money I took out of my savings, and he took half of it.”

Glover said she hired Terry to build her a wheelchair ramp, lay down new flooring in her kitchen, bathroom, and living room, and make other repairs. But not only did she say he did a poor job, she said he didn’t finish.

“I said all you were supposed to do was remodel my kitchen, bathroom and close this porch in and you didn’t even do that right,” Glover said. “He said well, you get what you pay for.”

That’s when Glover asked him to leave. We reached out to Terry to get his side of the story. We called him and even went by his house, but he never got back to us.

Glover said she just wants her money back, but Ronnie Gipson, Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Memphis, said getting her money back may be an uphill battle.

“The question is, what’s her recourse now? She’s got this receipt, and the other thing she needs to do is get copies of her bank statements and copies of the canceled checks to show they were cashed,” said Gipson.

Glover said she signed a contract, but didn’t get a copy. Gipson said that’s a big mistake.

“She should have gotten a copy, and she’s entitled to one, so she should be able to get a copy,” Gipson said.

Gipson also suggested hiring a licensed contractor. FOX13 searched Billy Terry in the Mississippi State Board of Contractors to determine if he had an active license, but no results came up for him

“You want to make sure the person is licensed, but that’s not the end of it,” Gipson said. “You want to investigate that person. Next, if the contractor gives you a contract to sign don’t feel rushed.”

Gipson said a crime may have been committed and Glover can look into pressing charges by reaching out to the Marshall County District Attorneys Office.