Expecting Memphis mother gets surgery for son with Spina Bifida

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Many parents will go to any length for their children and that can certainly be said for Maddie Quick, now the proud mother of 5-week old Walt Quick.

While pregnant with Walt, Maddie got some troubling news; Walt had Spina Bifida, a condition that causes a spinal cord not to form correctly and can damage a child’s nerves and affect their ability to walk.

“I think we felt pretty hopefully,” Maddie said. “It was a real shock, especially up until that point everything was looking great.”

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That’s when Maddie and her husband Hayden found out about the Texas Children’s Hospital and a relatively new surgery that was created there, a fetoscopic procedure to repair Spina Bifida.

Without hesitation, Maddie and Hayden took their then-unborn son Walt down to Texas to become just the 109th recipients of the surgery.

“What we do is we put two very small ports inside,” said Michael Belfort, Texas Children’s Hospital OBGYN Chief. “We remove all the amniotic fluid and replace it with carbon dioxide. We are then able to put instruments and a telescope inside the uterus and repair the baby’s spinal defect.”

Belfort, who performed Maddie’s surgery, said the operation doubles the chances that a child will walk on their own and reduces the risk the child will need a shunt in the brain after delivery.

As a now-five-week-old Walt Quick wiggled his toes and kicked his legs in his grey striped onesie, Maddie said that the operation went off without a hitch.

“The recovery was hard, but very well worth it,” Maddie said. “We would do the surgery again in a heartbeat.”

Maddie, Hayden and Walt are now getting involved in Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital’s Spina Bifida Clinic which will track Walt’s progress.