Extinct Mississippi volcano could lead to nationwide beer shortage

JACKSON, Miss. — Three hours south of Memphis, there is an extinct underground volcano in Jackson, Mississippi.

A reservoir of carbon dioxide exists inside the “Jackson Dome,” supplying the chemical compound to much of the country. However, the owner of the site attempted to drill new wells this summer and found contaminated CO2, according to TIME. Industry analysts worry a shortage of carbon dioxide will lead to a shortage of America’s favorite carbonated alcoholic beverage.

“It’s everything in beer,” said the president of Grind City Brewing Company in downtown Memphis. “Nobody wants to drink a flat beer.”

He knows a thing or two about hops – after all, his name is Hopper.

“For a few seconds, you mourn,” said Hopper Seely. “You feel bad for yourself. Then, you snap out of it and you act. One of the things happening all over the world right now is price increases.”

Seely told FOX13 that his company brews more than 3,700 gallons of beer a week. They’re working to learn how re-capture carbon dioxide.

“It’s very expensive,” he explained. “It’s a lot of equipment and a lot of man hours. You’re usually capturing CO2 that was used during fermentation.”

However, customers say they are “hoppy” to support the business through thick and thin.

“It’s very important because we want them to stay around and we want our local economy to be boosted as well,” said Andrea Denette.