TBI called to investigate rough arrest of man inside Oakland home, DA says

OAKLAND, Tenn. — A Facebook post claiming Oakland police officers racially profiled and beat up a young man in his own home has gone viral.

The photo in the post is very graphic. It shows a man on the ground with a bloodied face and an officer grasping his shoulder and back during an arrest.

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The family identified the man in the photo as 25-year-old Brandon Calloway.

The post, made by Calloway’s sister, accuses Oakland police officers of racially profiling Calloway and beating him up in his own home.

Video of the incident shot by Calloway’s sister shows officers chasing Calloway through the home. At one point, Calloway can be seen with blood covering his face. The video shows officers tasing Calloway. According to an arrest affidavit, officers used their batons on Calloway after the tasers had “no effect”.

FOX13 spoke to the Calloway family.

“He’s a college graduate, got his degree from UT Chattanooga, just a great kid, you know, never been in trouble, no records, nothing like that,” said Ed Calloway, Brandon Calloway’s father.

Calloway’s father said he wants people to know his son is a good person.

“Personality-wise, he’s a very independent-minded person. Just likes to enjoy life, energetic, very positive guy,” he said.

So how did things escalate so quickly, and did officers take things too far?

FOX13 went to the Oakland Police Department for answers.

According to the police narrative, everything started at Oak Ridge Drive and Riverdale Drive on Saturday when Calloway failed to stop at a stop sign and sped away from police.

The narrative says Calloway refused to stop for the officer and kept driving to a house and ran inside.

It says he came back out with two other people, who ran up to the officer with “extreme aggression.”

The officer called for backup, and another officer arrived.

The document says as police were trying to take Calloway into custody, he ran back inside.

It says officers kicked in the front door and tried to use a Taser, which had no effect.

The document says officers then used a baton to get him to comply.

Eventually, the document says Calloway stopped resisting and was taken into custody.

Calloway was taken to a hospital where he reportedly needed eight stitches on his face.

Oakland Police Chief Chris Earl confirmed the department is looking into what happened.

“Our officers are well trained, so as far as any allegations go, we just need to look into the investigation and see where everything comes up,” Earl said.

Brandon Calloway faces numerous charges, including evading arrest, resisting stop, disorderly conduct, and speeding.

Fayette County District Attorney Mark Davidson told FOX13 that he has asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to investigate the circumstances of the arrest and the use of force involved.