Fallout continues after MS governor’s interview on CNN

MISSISSIPPI — The fallout continues after Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves’s interview on CNN Sunday about his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vanity Fair published a story under the headline, “Mississippi Governor Announced Bold Plan to Do Nothing to Stop COVID.”

But are Mississippians just not willing to get vaccinated?

FOX13 went to DeSoto County, one of the most populous counties to ask why only 37% of residents are fully vaccinated.

A number of people we spoke to in DeSoto County told us they haven’t been vaccinated and they don’t intend on being vaccinated and they shared their reasons why.

”Because I am not ready to be vaccinated, I am afraid of the vaccination,” said Betty King of Olive Branch.

King told us if a workplace vaccine mandate goes into effect, she’s done.

”I guess I will be workless because I will not be forced to be vaccinated.” King said.

Leah Ingram told us the same thing. She said if she had to choose between work and getting vaccinated she’d get another job.

”I don’t trust what is in the vaccination, I actually had COVID-19 3 weeks ago and a lot of people asked if that would make me get the vaccination and I told them no.” Ingram said.

On the other side of the debate, Vickie Castellanos of Horn Lake told us she has been vaccinated and doesn’t get what all the fuss is about.

”Well I just don’t know what they are waiting for I just think it needs to get done. Everybody needs to be safe,” Castellanos said.

As of Tuesday, 49.9% of Mississippians have received at least one vaccine shot.

43% are fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the recent surge appears to have passed.

The number of active cases today is less than half what it was at the end of August.