Families in Desoto County recover after apparent tornado

Families in Desoto County recover after apparent tornado

Desoto Co, Miss. — Families in Desoto County are picking up the pieces after an apparent tornado swept through the area.

Governor Phil Bryant signed an emergency declaration to help with recovery efforts.

Several families spent Saturday afternoon cleaning up off Getwell road.

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“Most of my life has been at this house and I hope I never see nothing like this again,” said Shelia Middledon.

Middeldon said she’s lived inside the home since she was 12 years old.

On Friday night she was in the hospital recovering from surgery. She said she was ready to go back to her own bed this afternoon but instead she has to deal with cleaning up.

“Go day by day and try to get it fixed up and hopefully we can get our house soon,” said Middledon.

She said her son was home alone when strong winds knocked a tree onto her house.

“Told him to get in the tub and he walked around and told us what was going on,” said Middledon.

Luckily no one was hurt.

Her next-door neighbor Sandy Brown also spent the day dealing with recovery efforts.

“We have had extensive damage to the property and all the sheds,” said Brown.

Brown huddled inside the bathroom with her family when they heard a loud boom.

When everything quieted down she found out three of her cars were damaged and the rain gutter was hanging from the roof.

“It just happened in a few seconds and I think I’m still processing it because I’ve been awake since 5 in the morning,” said Brown.

While both neighbors are picking up the pieces they are happy they have each other for support.

“It’s good to have neighbors and friends that help you out some people don’t have that,” said Brown.

Emergency management said at least 40 homes were damaged in their preliminary assessment.

MEMA plans on surveying the damage on Sunday morning.