Family finds alternatives to traditional Thanksgiving celebration

WATCH: Family finds alternatives to traditional Thanksgiving celebration

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For the most part, every family is having to change how they gather and celebrate Thanksgiving this year because of COVID-19.

For Latoya Polk and her family, it’s been a year of many highs and lows.

“Life has been really crazy since the pandemic,” Polk said. “With me being a mom and an entertainer I really lost a lot of my gigs when the pandemic hit.”

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Not gathering with all of her family for Thanksgiving will be one of the lows.

Within this year she quit her job and started a business during a pandemic while still providing for her family.

“I know Thanksgiving and Christmas we all come together and now we can’t do that,” Polk said.

She said she and her family along with friends have spent Thanksgiving with her mom Helen for years.

“You have to think about me and my health. If you go somewhere and pick it up and you bring the droplets to my house and I get it, it’s going to be a wrap for me,” Polk’s mother said.

For a majority of families, the large gatherings won’t happen. To protect those who are most vulnerable to the virus the family says they have found several alternatives to allow family members to see each other which include drive-bys and Facetime.

The mother and daughter say face to face isn’t worth the risk of losing someone.

“You don’t want anyone to die with trying to come together,” Polk said.