Family flees Hurricane Ida for shelter in Memphis hotel

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thousands of people are crossing from the Gulf Coast region into the Mid-South, fleeing the devastating storm that Hurricane Ida promises to bring.

The Burton family traveled Sunday to Memphis from Hammond, Louisiana.

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We found the story of one of those families, now staring at an uncertain future.

Tucked into the very back of a grey SUV was enough food, clothing, and supplies to last a couple of days, which was long enough for the family to ride out Ida from the safety of their Memphis hotel.

And along for the ride was 10-yar-old Harmony Burton.

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Harmony Burton said she was “a little” scared and “nervous because [she doesn’t] really like hurricanes.”

There were six people inside their vehicle, and hundreds of thousands more people packed into others, fleeing the Gulf Coast.

Ida threatened to make landfall as one of the worst storms to hit the region in 150 years, said Louisiana Gov. John Bell Edwards, a Democrat.

“They said for everyone who was staying in a mobile home to leave,” said Amilda Burton, riding in the front seat of their SUV.

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Amilda Burton said choosing to heed those warnings is a different choice than she made in 2005.

That’s the year she rode out Hurricane Katrina.

“It’s rough, especially when the hurricane comes through during the night,” she said.

That was a reality some, they know, will face now.

Harmony Burton said she still had family and friends she was worried about in Hammond.

As the engine revved and the family pulled away, a reporter asked the family’s thoughts on the days ahead. Though those days are filled with uncertainty, the answer, each of them said, is to look to their faith.

“I was scared. I didn’t know what was going to happen,” Harmony Burton said. “I just prayed and thought everything was going to be alright.”

And with that began another leg of their journey.