Family Focus: Bartlett gym helping people achieve New Year resolutions in a non-traditional way

WATCH: Family Focus: Bartlett Gym Helping people achieve New Year Resolutions in a Non-Traditional way

BARTLETT, Tenn. — When it comes to working out, treadmills, weights and elliptical machines may be the first thing that comes to mind.

Pyramid Athletics in Bartlett is helping people achieve their goals without heavy machinery.

“We are a fitness and martial arts facility,” Owner Eric Ingram said.

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“We offer everything from Fitness Kickboxing to Muay Thai Kickboxing to Brazilian Jujitsu, to CrossFit.”

Ingram said kickboxing is one of the most popular classes at the gym.

FOX13 jumped in and gave it a try.

“You get your own heavy bag,” Ingram explained.

“You’re not working out with anybody, so you’re in your own space, but you also have someone teaching the class telling you what to do, encouraging you along the way and It’s just a killer workout.”

At the start of the year, Ingram says he sees many new clients with weight loss goals.

“Make a realistic goal,” Ingram said.

“I’m going to work out three times a week. Create not just a goal, but a pathway to get there.

Neil Howe takes Jujitsu which is a form of martial arts that teaches self-defense.

Since his first-class a year ago, he said he’s down nearly 30 pounds.

As a single father of two young boys, he said it’s important for him to stick to a plan and set aside time for himself.

“A lot of times in the evening, I’m either at practice or at a ball game with them,” Howe said.

“But fortunately, Eric offers an early morning class at 6:30. So, there’s a lot of times I can come in and get my exercise in.”

No matter what way someone may choose to workout, Ingram said consistency is key.

“Goals are good, but goals without pathways of reaching them or obtaining them are not good. Make sure you don’t just set a goal. Implement a plan.”

Ingram also recommends working out with a group of friends to help hold each other accountable.