Family forced to live out of their car after job is delayed

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A family is living out of their car after a new job is delayed because of the coronavirus.

Fred, Daphne and their son 6-year-old James drove from San Antonio to Memphis a month ago.

Fred said he was supposed to start a new job while they stayed in a motel.

“Everything got delayed because of the virus,” said Fred. “We moved here before that and now with everything being on lockdown, I am just not able to get any work right now.”

Since the job opportunity fell through, the car is now home until they can figure something out.

“We were staying in a hotel for a month,” Fred said. “Money did dry up pretty fast. We just have no other option. “

Daphne said she has a job opportunity.


“I have a job lined but it doesn’t start until April the 13,” Daphne said. “It is considered an essential job because it is a part of the healthcare industry.”

A job that could not come fast enough come soon enough.

Dorcas Young-Griffin works with the Shelby County Division of Community Services.

Young-Griffin is also a part of the county and city of Memphis Covid-19 task Force.

“We have been talking about what is our plan for making sure that we can immediately get folks housed and off the streets,” said Young-Griffin.

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SCDCS is one resource Fred and Daphne can try for help.

The couple said they are looking into other options, but things are extremely hard to come by.

“Everyone is scared right now,” Fred said. “This is something totally different than anybody has seen.”

MIFA is also assisting people with housing.

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